Sunday, October 25, 2015

Yellow Speed Run 2

Suoermario makes a great speed run of Yellow.  Fastest recorded time so far.

Friday, October 23, 2015

White Parkour Speed Run By Suoermario

This is a really cool speed run.  If anyone wants me to watch their own speed runs, you can tweet them to me.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jaasper_ Vs The Troll

Minecrafter 7777Alex7777 decided to get some friends together & try the Easy course over at Spinkour.  I'd like to see them try one of the harder ones.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Yellow Speed Run

Hazama_S makes an amazing speed run of the Yellow course.  His time was 5:52 & he had only 19 deaths.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Spiderweb Climb

The first jump is easy, but will take a few attempts to get the distance right.  If you jump too soon you'll hit the webs & fall, and if you jump too late you'll hit the webs & fall.  This, sets the tone for the rest of the save state.  Once you figure it out, climb the ladders & get ready for more webs.

The first 4 jumps on your climb to the top are all the same.  I would advise you to jump towards the closest edge of each block.  Getting the timing is again important, cause if you touch a will NOT make the jump.

This 5th jump is the hardest you'll face on your climb.  If you're looking at the closest block to you, you want to aim at the top right corner.  You're going to feel like you'll jump over the block, and you will go over if you don't shift upon landing.  Again, getting the right angle to take will require some trial & error.

Once you make the 5th jump you should stop using the arrow to kill yourself if you miss a jump.  Because now you can fall onto the platforms below you.  It'll save you a little time.

The next 6 jumps are all like the first 4 you did.  Once you reach the 7th though, you'll need to jump as far as you can because the wall hanging down won't allow you to take the same angle you had been.  Not all that hard to make, but because you've grown accustom to a pattern, it can throw you off. have a decision to make.  There are 2 ways to make it to the ladders.  You can double jump & clear the spiderwebs head on.  Or you can jump from the side.  If you touch the webs, you fall no matter which way you try.  For me, it's easier to do from the side.  I can do both, but the timing & judging the distance for head on approach is just harder to get right away.

When you make it to the top of the ladder, don't get too excited, cause there's 1 more pitfall in front of you.  You'll have to sprint & try to jump over it.  BUT THEN, you're home free.  Just watch out for the missing step on the stairway to the final platform.

6 Block Jump & Get Off My Block

There is no real secret to making this first jump.  You simply sprint & jump constantly until you come out the other side.  It's pure luck that you actually jump at the end without bumping your head.  But you'll need all that speed to make this 6 block jump.  When you do finally jump at the end without hitting your head be ready to shift as soon as you hit the ground.

With the 4 pressure plate jumps just go fast & try not to take big angles.  Want I mean by that is go in as straight of a line as possible.  If you make big turns with your jumps it slows you down.  This makes it hard to jump far enough, AND it gives the pistons a chance to hit you.

Ladder Twist & Vine Twist

When you jump for that first ladder you'll want to shift to grab it, and also turn back so you're facing the way you came from so your momentum doesn't take you off the far side.

Jumping to the fence is easy, just make sure you sprint jump from & to the closest points of the block & fence.

Once you reach the pillar with the ladders, you have a very simple ladder/corner jump.  The 2nd jump is the harder of the 3 you'll be doing.  You should shift to make sure you don't fall off.  Same with the next one, even though it is a bit easier.

Once you've made it to the top, I like to jump atop the walls the fences are connected to so I can get a running jump toward the next platform.

Climb the vines against the wall, shift, and then move toward the pillar until you grab it.  This is almost the reverse of the ladders, now you just have to turn the corners & grab the vines before you fall too low.  Luckily, even if you fail on this part, you'll get to try it again & again until you get it.  Unless you walk off the platform somehow.

Once you're on the back side of the pillar, climb to the top & shift.  Turn around & start moving toward the ledge.  Once you start falling unshift.

Once you've made the ledge, you jump onto the next set of vines.  You'll need to carefully fall into the doorway below.  I usually try going a down a little at a time until I finally get low enough to swing in.

Now all you need to do is jump to the save state platform.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stairs - Fences - Vines

The stair jumps are easy, some people fly through this part.  I like to go slowly & make sure I'm sprint jumping from & to the closest points.

The fence jumps aren't too bad, I just sprint jump to them all (aside from the lower one), and shift on landing.  Sprint jumping will cause you to over jump some if you don't adjust while in the air.

When you reach the last fence post sprint jump into the vines & continue to fall forward until you reach the wall in front of you.

When you reach the wall climb up to the top.  Once up there you have to go to the wall on your right.  You'll want to leave the wall at the highest point possible with a little momentum.  Once you reach the 2nd wall do the same to the smaller wall on your left.

When you reach the top, be careful going across the fence bridge.  There's a missing post that will make you fall through.

Piston Stairs & Angled Wall Jump

Don't bother trying to run up the stairs. Just hit the first button at the same time as you jump to where the stairs should be, and you have to hit the second button when you're leaving the second block.  When you land on that 4th block, jump to the platform...don't try to walk to it.

This wall jump is pretty easy, just start from the far right of the platform before the wall, and sprint jump around & aim at the closest corner.  Shift as soon as you land.

Skinny Jump & wolfsorrow Ladders

For the first jump just aim for the back corner of the block & sprint jump. You'll want to shift as soon as you land.

For the first 2 ladder jumps a simple jump then shift to the next ladder will work.  The last ladder jump & the jump to the platform will require you to sprint jump across the top of the ladder.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Tunarific tried for 3-4 hours to beat my EASY course.  His reactions on the last save state are priceless.  I'm looking forward to seeing him & his friends make a video for the blue course next.

Lava Falls & Lakes

You can just jump around the first lava fall into the water without taking damage.  Then just swim through the next 2.  You'll need to drop out of the 3rd into the fire to get around the 2nd lava fall.  If done quickly you only take 1 heart of damage before getting into the next water fall.  While in the water, make sure you take the time to fully regen before attempting to get through the last lava fall.  There's no getting around this one, you have to swim through the lava, and it'll almost kill you even if done perfectly.  If you manage to get through, just swim up the water & drop onto the platform.

The next part is harder than it looks.  This ladder jump isn't that hard, but a lot of people fall here.  You don't need to sprint jump, you just need to make sure you don't hit the side of the ladder.  Once you climb up the first, you have to make a 2nd ladder jump.  Again you don't have to sprint, and after you make the jump just head into the tunnel.

This next part was designed by fellow Scottlander wolfsorrow.  It looks impossible, but there's water just beneath the lava.  So jump into the lava, and sink below the top layer.  Don't try to jump far, just up so you gain some downward momentum when you hit the lava.  Once through, you'll need to carefully swim without hitting the lava above AND below you.

Fire - Cactus - Ice

Don't even worry about avoiding all the fire.  As long as you hurry, you should have time to let the fire go out without dying.  Just wait before the cactus until the fire is out.

Depending on how fast you got through the fire, you might need to wait & regen.  When your health has recovered enough, sprint jump onto the first cactus, and jump over the 2nd, landing next to the third.  Jump onto the side of the sand block holding the last cactus, and then onto the first ice block.

With the ice blocks just sprint jump to each 1 at a time until there are only 4 blocks left in front of you.  Then just take those last 4 in a long run without stopping.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Corner Jumps - Circle Drop Downs - Wall Jump

The corner jumps aren't hard, you just need to cut down on your angles when you jump.  Making a 90 degree turn in the air is much harder than making a 110 degree turn in the just watch your angles.

It's best not to try sprint jumping or jumping from a standing position with the 2 drop downs.  If you walk & jump from the very edge of the platform it puts you really close to the doorway.  You can also jump into the fire, then drop down into the doorway...but it's slower...and probably harder than mastering the jump directly into the doorway.

If you do should already be good at wall jumps. just cut down on the angle as much as possible, and make sure you're sprint jumping as far out as you can.

Soul Sand With Ice - Sponge - Fire Jumps

When people rush over the soul sand they normally fall a few times, but if you take your time you shouldn't fall at all.  Once you get on the first 2 block platform you'll want to get as close to the edge as possible before sprint jumping to the first single block.  From the first single block you'll want to back up to the back half the the platform & sprint jump to the 2nd single block.  For the rest of the jumps just get as close to the edge as you can before sprint jumping to the next platform.

For the sponge jumps you'll want to get as close to the edge again as you can.  When you sprint jump this time you'll want to continue running forward & swimming upon landing.  You're using your momentum to basically bypass the first sponge platform to land on the 2nd.    To transfer from the sponge to the netherrack you just swim off the corner closest to nettherrack.

The fire jumps can be timed so the damage doesn't affect your jumps.  However...I never do that...I just go full speed.  Sometimes I make it, sometimes the fire damage messes up my jump & makes me fall.  Either doesn't take too long to get past.

Once you make it up that ladder if you're low on health you need to hurry up & hit the pressure plate to save your progress or get in the pool of water.

Ladders & L Jumps

Again, this is pretty simple.  I’m trying to build up your confidence before tearing you down.  The ladders are easy to transfer, just walk along the tops & look before you leap.

The L jumps aren’t that bad either.  Just sprint jump towards the back corner of the landing block & shift on landing.

Bar Jump & Round About

This entire save state is easy & just meant to show you how the save states work.  The only jump even somewhat challenging is the one to get around or under the bar.

The easiest way to go is under.  Just sprint jump from the third block from the bar onto the 2nd, and use that momentum to get to the first lower block.

The harder way is to stop on block closest to the bar.  And jumping out & around to get to the first lower block.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Super Ladder Grab

The first 4 blocks are simple 1 block gaps. The next 4 are also 1 block gaps, but diagonal in upward.  The block before the lantern, sprint jump onto the lantern to use that momentum to make the next longer jump.  After that, you have a 3 block jump that goes up you'll need a good sprint jump.

The 3 C's are next.  Getting onto the first one is easy, and the 2nd isn't too bad.  The 3rd is basically a wall jump.  So be careful not to jump out too far from the wall & jump at the far corner of the block you're supposed to land on.

Next jump is easy, and sets you up to fail the next one.  If you rush, you assume it's the same as the one you just did, but really it's a head bumper.  If you manage to get by've just got 1 difficult jump left.

After a 4 block jump & a couple 1 blockers, you come to the worst of it.  This jump is insanely hard.  If you manage to find the right angle, get a good jump, and touch the ladder, you'll need to shift & look back the other direction as soon as possible.  Otherwise your momentum will take you off the left side of the ladder or the back of it.

At some point I'll get a video of me doing the entire thing.  I ran the checkpoint today & got to the last jump & failed.  I didn't want to spend all day trying to make the final jump, so I'm using a clip from Scottland Studios in which I made the jump.

Some things on this course require a little luck, a little problem solving & a lot of skill.  This one is ALL skill...good luck.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Piston Corner Jump

This save state only has 1 jump...but it's a fucking hard one. I've tried for hours & still not been able to do it. (I will keep trying) But AManNamedMark was able to do it while I recorded him.  So far...this is the ONLY proven time someone has completed this jump.  He did this while I was still testing this jump, that's why it looks a little different in the video, but it's the same jump that's currently on the server.  I'll upload a video of myself doing it if I ever manage it.

When attempting the jump, you need to hit the button while you're in the air.  You also have to make sure you jump all the way in front of the piston or it'll just push you into the wall.  And when you finally make the jump, hit the button & clear the will STILL fail unless you hold backwards when the piston hits you.  It's a lot to try to do in a short period of time.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Piston Jumps & Water Assists

You can make the first piston jump a couple different ways, but I like to get as close to the block I'm jumping to that I can while still being in a position to where I can just jump up & land on the soul sand the piston pushes.  Once in position, you just hit the button as you jump, then sprint jump to the next platform as soon as you land on the soul sand.

For the fence & slime jump you'll want to do these in 1 run. Don't try stopping to do them doesn't work.  Stand about midway on the ice block, hit the button, and sprint jump.  As soon as you land on the fence jump again to the slime, and again off the slime into the web.  If you made it that far, it's usually pretty easy to position yourself to fall through the doorway under the web.

The ladder jump isn't all that hard, but you can easily fall off the ladder after you hit it if you don't quickly shift & turn back to the left.

The first water jump is easiest if you use a double jump & take off from the very edge.  Jump as far as you can, and you shouldn't fall through the water.  The second is easier, but again, jump as far as you can hitting the water as high up as you can.  The last one is the tricky one.  It's just a matter of lining yourself up with the doorway, hitting the water & getting far enough.  Sometimes it seems like you make a perfect jump, but you still fall.   But normally you just weren't lined up perfectly when your feet passed the bottom of the door.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Carpet Drop - Piston Ricochet - Vine Transfer

The carpet drop is just that...a drop...not a jump.  You can't jump far enough to hit the water, so don't try.  If you just walk off the edge you'll hit a single slime block hidden under the carpet.  When you walk off just keep holding forward, if you'll die.

With the pistons you might want to launch yourself up a couple times to get your timing & aim down.  Once you feel you have it, you need to hit the 2nd button when you're at the peak of your launch.  You should also hold back after you've been hit just to make sure you make the platform.

The vines aren't that hard, especially since there's a platform to land on if you fail. So you should be able to get multiple tries.  You'll want to jump & grab the vines as high as you possibly can.  Once you grab them make sure your hand stays to the 1 side of the vines.  If you start looking from side to side you'll probably slip off.  When you're about to reach the end of the vines on the right, let go of shift & fall to the left & reshift.  Again, be careful not to look from side to side.   The transfer is tricky at first, but since you can get multiple should be able to get the hang of it.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bar Jumps & Piston Boost

The first bit is easy, just don't jump from a half slab when you're clearing the gap, and shift when you get close to landing just to be safe.

The iron bars are easy until the last jump.  Just remember you CAN fall through the middle of the squares.  Use shift as soon as you land to make sure you don't slip through the middle.  The last jump is a head bumper, which is the only challenging part.

When you get to the slimes sprint jump onto the first & don't stop until you get to the 2nd.  When you're about to land hit shift & hold back.  Your momentum & the slimes natural bounce can send you right over if you're not careful.  Make an easy jump to the 3rd slime, no sprinting required.  Then get on the right of that block so you don't have to turn as much in the air for your next jump.  Don't just fall onto the 4th slime, jump & use it's bounce to take you to the 5th slime.

For the piston boost, just shift & stick your butt toward the platform you want to land on.  Hit the button & as soon as you're airborne, hit the back button to land on the platform.

Don't hit the button in the me.  And for the last jump just do a simple double jump.

Mirror Mode

With this part you just have to look on the other side of the invisible wall at the hardened clay blocks.  There are invisible blocks mirrored on the side you're on.

When you reach the top of the first ladder, you don't need to sprint jump to the block below.  But with the last ladder, you'll have to sprint jump to the pathway.

Sticky Climb

The first jump is easy, you just have to sprint jump onto the soul sand to get enough momentum to jump to the next platform.

You'll want to walk off the small platform at an angle, and make sure you shift when you get close to the vines.

When you start to climb up the 2nd set of vines make sure you don't walk off the edge when you get to the middle.  Other than that this part is simple, you just have to jump across to the other side once you're standing in the middle.

On the first cactus you need to make sure you are at the very top before trying to go around to the next side.  Once you manage to get to the back side, you just have to hold shift & walk in the direction of the 2nd cactus.  If you're shifting you shouldn't fall at all.

When you reach the top of the 2nd cactus you'll want to fall to the platform below WITHOUT holding shift.  You can fly through this part without stopping & still not die of cactus pricks, or you can take breaks to regen by shifting away from the cactus.

The ice & soul sand jumps are easy, but I suggest going slow.  The contrast between each platform can easily throw you off if you rush.

When you reach the webs you'll want to double jump into them & hit them at your highest point.  Once you're in them just keep moving forward.  If you turn to the left & go into the pillar too soon you'll not reach the platform, so just wait until it looks like you're almost through the webs before turning too much.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sticky Boost - Flaming Boosts - Invisible Wall

With the cactus jump, I would advise people to jump just about the same time as you first hit the cactus.

With the fire jump I usually jump just before going into the flames. It's really hard to see the troll pit once you make it to the fire run. I even knew where it was, but still fell in it. I was lucky & got a fire boost, but most of the time you will die when falling in that hole. If you DO manage to make it through the run, be careful not to fall in the random hole right before the water hole.

Just when you think you're done...there's an invisible wall before the save state. Just double jump from the side to easily avoid it. It's there just as a troll for people who don't know about it.

Doorway Jumps & Drops

This is pretty straight forward. The hardest part is the start with the head bumping jumps.  After's pretty easy.

Invisible Block - Ice Assist - Don't Touch The Ledge

The sign is very important since it tells you where the invisible block is.

I think it's easier to walk past the button, hit it, turn & leap.

The last jump is simple...just jump from the half slab & don't touch the ledge.  Even if you touch it a little bit as you go will fail.

Triple Slime Leaps

I think these are all pretty simple.  Just make sure you don't try jumping when you hit the slime blocks you fall/jump down on.

Human Comet

Just jump as far as possible, and don't try jumping off the bottom slime.  If you make the jump, be careful getting in the water to put yourself out...that pool has no bottom.