About The Server

Spinkour is a place for me (Spintown) to build parkour & watch people fail.  I like to make parkour that is possible for players to do without any special abilities.  No potions, mods, command blocks are needed...just skill & practice.

I started building parkour on Zack Scott's private server Scottland.  Then built the parkour for his public server Scottland Studios.  Now I'm doing it for my own server.

Right now we have 12 courses open, and each has 11 save states (gold pressure plates).  The goal of each course is to make you rage & quit.  If you do...I win.  If you complete a course...I lose.  Each course will have a viewing path for people who are just to path'etic' to handle my parkour.

Challenge: Easy
The yellow course is made up of mostly obstacles from Scottland Studios.  The biggest difference is the order of the obstacles & the spacing of the save states.  However, there are a few new challenges thrown in.

Challenge: Medium
This course has a few older obstacles from Scottland Studios as well, but is mostly made up of newer challenges.

Challenge: Hard
Black has never been a favorite of anyone because it used to have a few damage boost checkpoints.  But those were removed, and it's a pretty fair challenge now.


Challenge: Insane
This course will be the most difficult yet.  It has a bit of a theme as well.  "Buttons From Hell" should be it's unofficial title, because most of the save states involve buttons.

Challenge: Medium
This course has a lot more user submitted jumps on it than my previous courses.  Don't worry though...I included plenty of devious personal touches.

Challenge: Insane
Like Green, this course is a combination of a lot of user submitted jumps & my own ideas.  You shouldn't attempt this course if you can't do the easy or medium ones.

Challenge:  Medium
I started off building this to be a very easy speedrun course.  For the most part that's how it turned out.  There are about 30 easy jumps between each save state, but it's possible I included 1 or 2 harder jumps in the course...

Challenge:  Insane
90% of this course was put together using jumps my moderator Hazama_S built.  He's built so much since I started taking submissions that he now has the title "Parkour Builder".  I added a little bit to this course, but since Hazama_S made most of the jumps I refer to this course as Hazama's Hell.

Challenge:  Insane
This course has a mix of parkour created by myself & Hazama_S.  It also includes a couple user submitted jumps.  You better be good at hitting buttons if you want to beat this course.

Challenge:  Easy
This is the first CoOp course made for Spinkour, and it's made for people who aren't good at parkour. In this CoOp course 1 person does the parkour, and they have to have a friend help them from the viewing platform by hitting buttons & levers that trigger actions on the parkour. The checkpoints are impossible to do alone, but with a friend & Skype, this isn't too hard. It was made primarily by myself, but Hazama_S made or contributed to a few jumps.

Challenge:  Insane
This is the 2nd CoOp course on Spinkour. Unlike the 1st CoOp course it requires 2 people to parkour as a team. Voice chat is a must, and if your teammate sucks your in trouble.

Challenge:  Insane
This course was primarily designed by 7777Alex7777.  However Hazama_S & I have our own contributions in various places.

Challenge:  Insane
Each checkpoint on this course (aside from the last) is just 1 jump.  But each jump is extremely difficult.  The jumps came from a number of places.  Some were built by staff, and others were jumps I saw on YouTube.

Challenge:  Insane
Most of the jumps on this course were made by 7777Alex7777, but there are jumps provided by at least 4 other people as well.  Probably the hardest course on the server atm.

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  1. help me at the grey parkour, at the cobbel stone wall please