Server Commands

/pa join (course/courseId) - Join the course
/pa leave - Leave the course
/pa createParty - Create a new party.
/pa invitePlayer (player) - Invite a player to your party.
/pa acceptInvite - Accept invite given to you.
/pa leaveParty - Leave your current party.
/pa kick (player) - Kicks a player from your party.
/pa stats (course) - Display the course information
/pa info (player) - Display your players Parkour information
/pa leaderboard (course) (amount) (type) - Displays leaderboard for courses.
Example:  /pa leaderboard yellow 10 global
/spawn - Teleports player to spawn when not on a course.  Server will tp you back to your checkpoint after you move if you neglected to leave a course.

* Parties can only be created & joined when players are NOT currently on a course.

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