Server Rules

First Degree Offenses: (results in permaban)

1.  Optifine is the ONLY approved mod.  Anything else is against the rules.
2.  No block glitching on parkour.
3.  Ban evasion is against the rules & will result in all known accounts being banned.

Second Degree Offenses: (results in temp mutes, temp bans or perma mutes...left up to staff discretion)

4.  Don't post IP's or URL's.
5.  Listen to & be respectful toward staff.
6.  Don't harass players.
7.  Don't ask to be staff or for permissions.
8.  Go easy on the spamming.  Do to the nature of the rage inducing obsticles, some allowances will be made, but if staff tells you to cut it better.

* There are no appeals.
* Spintown can ban you at anytime for any reason.

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