Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spinkour Party System!

For a long time I've wanted a party system for Spinkour.  I love the original plugin, but that was the 1 thing it lacked.  Ash, the creator of the plugin even said he would add a system in the future & give Spinkour a pre-released version of it when it was done.  So Spinkour would get a month of using the party system before anyone else got to use it.  The only issue was he had some other projects to finish up first, so I decided to have Minecraft user MajoolwipMC make a modification to the plugin for me.  So now...we have a working party system!  It works like most other party systems.  You can create a party & invite all your friends prior to joining a course.  When you join a course they will join with you, and every time someone in your party completes a checkpoint you all advance together!

In the near future I'll do a video about it, and I think ZackScottGames will be doing a video about it, but until then here's a list of the commands you'll be using.

       /pa join (course/courseId) - Join the course
       /pa leave - Leave the course
       /pa createParty - Create a new party.
       /pa sendInvite (player) - Invite a player to your party.
       /pa acceptInvite - Accept invite given to you.
       /pa leaveParty - Leave your current party.
       /pa kick (player) - Kicks a player from your party.
       /pa party - Displays your current party.
       /pa stats (course) - Display the course information
       /pa info (player) - Display your players Parkour information

You'll also notice that Spinkour looks a little better on your server list.  Lmac77 was nice enough to fancy that up a bit.