Friday, July 10, 2015

Spiderweb Climb

The first jump is easy, but will take a few attempts to get the distance right.  If you jump too soon you'll hit the webs & fall, and if you jump too late you'll hit the webs & fall.  This, sets the tone for the rest of the save state.  Once you figure it out, climb the ladders & get ready for more webs.

The first 4 jumps on your climb to the top are all the same.  I would advise you to jump towards the closest edge of each block.  Getting the timing is again important, cause if you touch a will NOT make the jump.

This 5th jump is the hardest you'll face on your climb.  If you're looking at the closest block to you, you want to aim at the top right corner.  You're going to feel like you'll jump over the block, and you will go over if you don't shift upon landing.  Again, getting the right angle to take will require some trial & error.

Once you make the 5th jump you should stop using the arrow to kill yourself if you miss a jump.  Because now you can fall onto the platforms below you.  It'll save you a little time.

The next 6 jumps are all like the first 4 you did.  Once you reach the 7th though, you'll need to jump as far as you can because the wall hanging down won't allow you to take the same angle you had been.  Not all that hard to make, but because you've grown accustom to a pattern, it can throw you off. have a decision to make.  There are 2 ways to make it to the ladders.  You can double jump & clear the spiderwebs head on.  Or you can jump from the side.  If you touch the webs, you fall no matter which way you try.  For me, it's easier to do from the side.  I can do both, but the timing & judging the distance for head on approach is just harder to get right away.

When you make it to the top of the ladder, don't get too excited, cause there's 1 more pitfall in front of you.  You'll have to sprint & try to jump over it.  BUT THEN, you're home free.  Just watch out for the missing step on the stairway to the final platform.


  1. Spintown I got a video of a fly hacker how can I send it to you?

    1. You can just send me a link on Twitter. @Spintown