Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stairs - Fences - Vines

The stair jumps are easy, some people fly through this part.  I like to go slowly & make sure I'm sprint jumping from & to the closest points.

The fence jumps aren't too bad, I just sprint jump to them all (aside from the lower one), and shift on landing.  Sprint jumping will cause you to over jump some if you don't adjust while in the air.

When you reach the last fence post sprint jump into the vines & continue to fall forward until you reach the wall in front of you.

When you reach the wall climb up to the top.  Once up there you have to go to the wall on your right.  You'll want to leave the wall at the highest point possible with a little momentum.  Once you reach the 2nd wall do the same to the smaller wall on your left.

When you reach the top, be careful going across the fence bridge.  There's a missing post that will make you fall through.

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