Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sticky Climb

The first jump is easy, you just have to sprint jump onto the soul sand to get enough momentum to jump to the next platform.

You'll want to walk off the small platform at an angle, and make sure you shift when you get close to the vines.

When you start to climb up the 2nd set of vines make sure you don't walk off the edge when you get to the middle.  Other than that this part is simple, you just have to jump across to the other side once you're standing in the middle.

On the first cactus you need to make sure you are at the very top before trying to go around to the next side.  Once you manage to get to the back side, you just have to hold shift & walk in the direction of the 2nd cactus.  If you're shifting you shouldn't fall at all.

When you reach the top of the 2nd cactus you'll want to fall to the platform below WITHOUT holding shift.  You can fly through this part without stopping & still not die of cactus pricks, or you can take breaks to regen by shifting away from the cactus.

The ice & soul sand jumps are easy, but I suggest going slow.  The contrast between each platform can easily throw you off if you rush.

When you reach the webs you'll want to double jump into them & hit them at your highest point.  Once you're in them just keep moving forward.  If you turn to the left & go into the pillar too soon you'll not reach the platform, so just wait until it looks like you're almost through the webs before turning too much.

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