Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cliffhanger: Green Checkpoint 5

1. Sprint & jump off the very edge of the path.
2.  While in the air continue to go forward until you hit the slime.
3.  When you start going upward do a 180 so you can land on the window ledge.
4.  Jump to the doorway as soon as you hit the button.
5.  I suck at head hitter jumps so no advice on how to get to the ladder...I just get lucky.
6.  From the top of the ladder you have to sprint jump to the lower pile of snow.
7.  After reaching the roof of the room you jumped into, you jump 1 of the first floating blocks.  But do NOT jump from the closest take off point.  It's 1 layer of snow shorter & will not allow you to make the jump.
8.  There are multiple paths to get to the end of the floating blocks, but be careful...some jumps are too high to make.
9.  At the end you have a 4 block jump.  I start on the far right of the take off block, and land on the far left of the landing block.   You can use the lower block behind you to get momentum if you want.
10.  The next jump is a 5 block & 1/2 block down jump.  Line up your cursor JUST like I did mine, then sprint jump to the ice block.  Right before you hit the ice, turn towards your desired landing point.

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