Saturday, June 17, 2017

1.12 Is HERE

Spinkour is now running on 1.12!  My dev updated the party plugin, and fixed a few bugs the original version had.  Then Lmac77 updated the rest of the server.  Normally when I update, I whitelist the server for a couple days so that Hazama_S & I can retest all the jumps.  Mojang likes to tweak the physics of the game from time to time, and that can sometimes make jumps impossible that were possible in previous versions.  This time I'm leaving the server open to the public, but keep in mind we won't have everything retested for a few days.  You could find a jump that just isn't possible during this time.

Another thing that you'll notice during the next week is that I'm giving the server a facelift.  All the clay & wool blocks will be removed & I'll be adding the new cement blocks in their place.  It'll be a lot more colorful when I'm done.

If anyone finds any bugs with the party system let me know via Twitter or message me in game if I happen to be online working.  Otherwise, enjoy the update!

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