Thursday, June 4, 2015

Super Ladder Grab

The first 4 blocks are simple 1 block gaps. The next 4 are also 1 block gaps, but diagonal in upward.  The block before the lantern, sprint jump onto the lantern to use that momentum to make the next longer jump.  After that, you have a 3 block jump that goes up you'll need a good sprint jump.

The 3 C's are next.  Getting onto the first one is easy, and the 2nd isn't too bad.  The 3rd is basically a wall jump.  So be careful not to jump out too far from the wall & jump at the far corner of the block you're supposed to land on.

Next jump is easy, and sets you up to fail the next one.  If you rush, you assume it's the same as the one you just did, but really it's a head bumper.  If you manage to get by've just got 1 difficult jump left.

After a 4 block jump & a couple 1 blockers, you come to the worst of it.  This jump is insanely hard.  If you manage to find the right angle, get a good jump, and touch the ladder, you'll need to shift & look back the other direction as soon as possible.  Otherwise your momentum will take you off the left side of the ladder or the back of it.

At some point I'll get a video of me doing the entire thing.  I ran the checkpoint today & got to the last jump & failed.  I didn't want to spend all day trying to make the final jump, so I'm using a clip from Scottland Studios in which I made the jump.

Some things on this course require a little luck, a little problem solving & a lot of skill.  This one is ALL skill...good luck.

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