Sunday, May 31, 2015

Piston Corner Jump

This save state only has 1 jump...but it's a fucking hard one. I've tried for hours & still not been able to do it. (I will keep trying) But AManNamedMark was able to do it while I recorded him.  So far...this is the ONLY proven time someone has completed this jump.  He did this while I was still testing this jump, that's why it looks a little different in the video, but it's the same jump that's currently on the server.  I'll upload a video of myself doing it if I ever manage it.

When attempting the jump, you need to hit the button while you're in the air.  You also have to make sure you jump all the way in front of the piston or it'll just push you into the wall.  And when you finally make the jump, hit the button & clear the will STILL fail unless you hold backwards when the piston hits you.  It's a lot to try to do in a short period of time.

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